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Your #1 Local Tree Care Provider

Tree Care Mistakes

Tree trimming mistakes

Tree trimming is essential to the growth and health of trees. Tree services have the knowledge and experience in trimming and pruning as well as removing dead branches that could possibly fall on people or cars. But, some homeowners prefer to do it themselves, and therefore, make problematic mistakes. Taking on projects without a tree care professional can be disastrous for your trees!

Tree Trimming Mistakes

Below are some very common mistakes made when doing it yourself:

  1. Dull tools – preparing your tools is an important part of tree trimming. Most homeowners don’t bother to sharpen their tools on a regular basis. The sharper your tool, the easier it is to trim and prune your trees and shrubs.
  2. Too much pruning – over-pruning a tree can damage it. Distinguishing between branches that should or shouldn’t be cut is not as obvious as you may think. Choosing the wrong branches can harm the tree beyond repair. A skilled arborist is trained to know these differences.
  3. Flush cutting – how to cut branches is just as important as what to cut. Cutting too close to the trunk can harm the tree significantly, not to mention ruin your landscape’s aesthetics. Flush cutting can also cause disease, fungus, and pests to invade the tree.
  4. Pruning in bad weather – some homeowners will try to rush a tree trimming before a coming storm. After a storm passes is the best time to cut the tree because it’s likely to have fallen branches. A regular tree service maintenance plan can prevent any of these mishaps. Fall and early winter trimmings are recommended by experts for good year-round tree health.
  5. Poor cleanup – messy pruning not only looks awful but also can be dangerous. The most common tree-trimming accident is being struck by falling branches.
  6. Ignoring safety measures – trimming your trees yourself can be very difficult and dangerous. Homeowners are usually not trained in safety protocols which can lead to accidents and even fatalities. Tree services such as Blessing Tree have skilled and trained professionals that are certified and up to date with safety measures. 

Other Tree Care Blunders

Often the best way to care for trees is less, not more, especially in regard to these common mistakes:

  1. Mulching volcanos – Mulching is a good way to protect the tree’s soil from drying out, but too much will do damage. Mountains of mulch will trap moisture against the trunk possibly causing tree rot. Additionally, too much mulch can prevent the roots from getting the oxygen that they need to grow.
  2. Pruning paint pruning paint is sold as a way to seal any cuts or injuries to the tree, but in fact, it seals in fungus and bacteria that may cause disease.
  3. Tree topping – trees that have outgrown their space can cause problems like interfering with electrical lines. Homeowners may want to lop off the top of the tree which is known as tree topping.  It’s best to avoid tree topping because it can expose the tree to disease and decay. If your tree has outgrown its space it’s best to call a professional tree care service such as Blessing Tree to cut the branches correctly.
  4. Staking young trees – avoid staking newly planted young trees. Most don’t need it. Trees need to be able to sway to promote healthy trunk and root growth.

Homeowners may find it a better choice to have a tree care service team provide the best possible care to keep trees healthy. Doing it yourself can lead to unintentional damage and ruin your landscape and investment.

Keith Blessing is the owner of Blessing Tree Service. Keith’s business is committed to your satisfaction and you can expect the very highest levels of quality and service.  


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