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How To Stop The Spread Of The Spotted Lanternfly

Close-up of Lanternfly, red nymph stage and newly emerged adult, on sumac tree branch, Berks County, Pennsylvania.

How To Stop The Spread Of The Spotted Lanternfly


Tree protection is important because it can provide more crops and fruit that support our ecosystem. Due to invasive species causing disease, trees are starting to wilt and die. One species that has started populating the east coast is the Spotted Lanternfly.


This pest is native to areas such as China, India, and Vietnam, and has recently entered the U.S.. The bug mainly destroys the Tree of Heaven, its main host, but can also migrate to other tree species. This is a major problem because the bugs attack the trees and cause disease. So how do you find the source of the problem?


Signs of an Infestation: 


  • Trees will show wounds that ooze, causing a foul odor and leaving a dark-gray trail covering the trunk. 
  • The insects also secrete a sticky honeydew, which spreads underneath the trees. The honeydew is usually coated in black mold and will cover anything smooth, including outdoor furniture and patios. It also attracts insects such as wasps and ants.
  • You may notice leaves that are curling and wilting on damaged branches.
  • Infected trees will produce a white to gray colored foam, bubbling out from the bark. This can be a sign of a bacterial flux. 


How to Remove Them: 


You should call us, things can get messy and down-right-gross. At Blessing Tree Service, we take care of the problem, so you don’t have to! We remove these pests by scraping their eggs off of the trunk and throwing them away. Always double bagging the larvae to decrease the likelihood of recontamination. You can also destroy the eggs in a solution for even more protection. 

Reporting a sighting of an egg mass or the insect to your local state plant official is another way to prevent these pests from multiplying.


How to Protect the Trees: 


  To prevent an infection, you should contract us to inspect the trees in mid-May through August. When treating an infestation, you should call a professional arborist, like us here at Blessing Tree Service, to spray insecticide on the trees. Transect has been shown to be the most effective when killing the Lanternfly. It also can provide a rapid recovery for diseased trees.


If you notice something wrong with the appearance of your trees, notify us and we will send out a professional. At Blessing Tree Service, we are happy to inspect if any unwanted pests are infesting your shrubbery! Schedule an appointment now to protect your woods and stop invasive species! Follow us on Facebook for updates!


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