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Your #1 Local Tree Care Provider

Prepare For The Storm Season: Tree Destruction!

Fallen Tree with Servicemen working on it

With storm season approaching, it is stressful to worry about the aftermath of fallen debris and branches. When hurricanes occur, it is always best to prepare for the storm season and potential damages of your surrounding area. You can start by taking care of your trees this storm season! Here are some ways to prevent the destruction of trees this year

Inspect Your Yard: 


It is very important to be aware of the overall health of the trees in your front and back yard. If a tree is too close to your home, there can be lots of concerns. Their roots can spread improperly, which causes the trunk to become unstable. Try to examine any signs of damage, such as root rot or breaking branches. To prevent the destruction of trees, you should contact a professional to inspect your yard. 

Remove Hanging Branches:


Before and during storm season, it is important to have your trees pruned of unwanted branches. This includes overhanging or limp branches that are looming over your roof, driveway, or shed. These branches will cause major damages should they fall and collide with your property. They can also strike power lines, causing power outages and live, fallen wires. This is why it is important to not plant trees too close to your home. We offer inspection and pruning/removal services to keep you and your family safe.

Keep Trees Healthy: 


Prevention is the key to planning ahead for hurricane season. When decorating your lawn, make sure you can take care of the landscaping. Your trees deserve to be cared for all year round. A few signs to look out for are a straight trunk, full branches, and flourishing leaves in the summer months. Also watch out for fungi, cracks, and holes in the trunk. If your trees and large shrubbery look ill or are dead, it may be time for removal or serious care to bring them back to their former glory. Blessing Tree Services has the knowledge and experience to make that determination. 

What Do You Do After The Storm?


If the storm has already occurred, there are still ways to speed up the clean-up process. Don’t try to clean all the damage yourself: Although you may want to trim the branches hanging over your house, cutting big branches without the correct knowledge could cause more damage. A professional arborist will be able to provide the correct tools and properly remove any dangers. 

Consult a Certified Arborist: 


If you are unsure how to prevent the damage your trees can cause, you should reach out to a professional! They will ensure that you have full protection against any future damages from falling trees. They can give advice on trimming and pruning your yard, and prevent destruction from a future storm. 


When preparing your yard for storm season, it is important to get the best professionals to give you advice. Blessing Tree Service is here to help! We provide knowledgeable experts that can examine any species of tree. We can trim, prune, or remove trees that pose a danger! Call our specialists at (862) 268-5412 to look at your home or office to see if you are hurricane ready this year! 


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