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Your #1 Local Tree Care Provider

Winter Tree Care Tips

Alley in snowy morning

Winter in New Jersey can be whimsical and appear to be straight out of a movie, but then reality hits pretty quickly with the slush, salt, dirt, and snow debris. You aren’t the only one–or thing that should bundle up and hunker down for the winter season. Continue reading for Blessing Tree Service’s winter tree care tips.

Alley in snowy morning

Never Too Many Layers!


Add Some Mulch and Compost

Adding a layer of mulch with a sub layer of compost is a great way to prepare your trees and shrubs for a harsh winter. The layers help to keep roots and soil warm, as well as retain water for your trees and shrubbery to remain hydrated all winter long! The layer of compost doesn’t just keep the roots of your plants insulated, it provides much needed nutrients to sustain and maintain your trees. 

Tender and Mild

Holy infants aren’t the only ones that are tender and (prefer) mild (winters). (It’s a “Silent Night” joke just in case you thought we lost it!) Some trees are a bit sensitive to the cold and need to be wrapped in a protective layer like a burlap “blanket” or frost protection cloth. This added layer protects the bark from cracking and splitting during the freeze and thaw through winter. Remember to promptly remove all protective gear from the fauna at the arrival of spring!

Salty the Snowman?

Salt is the municipal blessing to drivers all over New Jersey during those heavy winter snows. Unfortunately, salt mixes into the melting snow and is kicked up onto trees when vehicles pass by. Wrapping your roadside shrubbery and trees in a layer of burlap will help mitigate this salt damage and keep your plants safe throughout the winter.

Other Winter Tree Care Tips

Plants Get Dehydrated Too!

During the winter months, it may seem like there’s plenty of hydration available to trees, but it’s not the case. The occasional watering of trees and shrubs this winter will help satiate those thirsty trees and keep roots, twigs, and leaves healthy. Don’t forget to spray broadleaf evergreens with anti-desiccants, some examples are rhododendron, holly, and laurels. 

Inspecting For Damages/Hazards

Trees are prone to damage from weather, wind, and animals. If you notice flailing branches, tree limbs, or leaning trunks that may pose a threat to your home or well-being, you should contact us immediately! This will  mitigate the risk of any potential harm to you and your family this winter season.

Keep Your Lawn Clean

Removing dying or decaying leaves and branches, raking the lawn, and inspecting for hazards are a great way to keep plants and trees healthy this winter. Treating late season pests and diseased trees are handled best by the experts here at Blessing Tree Service.


We know it can be overwhelming to think of every aspect and potential for your lawn and shrubbery, but that’s why we’re here to help! Blessing Tree Service is the best tree service in New Jersey, we assess the problems and take every possible care to save the trees! Visit us on our website for all of our services.


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