Your #1 Local Tree Care Provider

Your #1 Local Tree Care Provider

We Need Trees!

We need trees

In April the world celebrates Earth Day to bring environmental awareness needed for a healthy planet. Earth Day has been observed annually for over 50 years to show support for our forests and waterways, and to combat climate change. is the largest organizer of environmental movements, which holds events all over the world in 193 countries and with 1 billion people.

A major part of’s initiatives is to restore forests for cleaner water and the air around the world. Planting and nurturing forests and city blocks is an investment well worth the effort to save our environment. We need trees.

We Need Trees Now

Trees are increasingly disappearing as urban areas are growing. In 2019 alone, we lost 29 million acres of tree cover to deforestation, logging, and fires — equivalent to a soccer field of trees every six seconds. Experts indicate that climate change along, with deforestation is contributing to an unhealthy planet. One solution to help protect the earth is a relatively simple one – plant trees to restore the changing environment! Here’s why:

  • Trees purify the air and fight climate change. They help slow down climate change by absorbing carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and storing it in their trunks. More mature trees hold even more carbon dioxide than younger ones.
  • Trees provide housing for millions of species. Many of these animals and insects protect us from diseases. Three out of four new diseases, today, come from animals, especially because humans are moving into their natural habitats. Experts have determined that biodiversity prevents diseases from moving to humans from animals. Additionally, many of our medicines are derived from the rainforest. 
  • Trees cool our streets and homes. In the past several years, the earth’s temperatures have been rising, heating up our spaces. Greenery blocks sunlight, providing shade. Shaded areas can be 20-45° F cooler than unshaded surfaces. Tree shade also saves energy on home cooling costs.  Three trees around a house can reduce air conditioning costs by up to 30 percent. This is especially important for cooling the city streets and sidewalks, however, studies have shown that our cities would need at least 40% tree coverage to cool city concrete.
  • Trees help protect against floods and water pollution. Mature trees can help prevent flooding and landslides by absorbing water.  It can be said that the more we have, the cleaner our water.
  • They reduce stress A recent study found that greenery can improve stress and benefit our well-being. Spending just a few minutes outdoors can reduce blood pressure and increase the immune system.

Restoring and Nurturing Our Trees

Large initiatives like the Canopy Project, a worldwide planting of trees, can partially help solve the problems, but each of us can do our part as well. Tree care not only beautifies our homes and neighborhoods, but it also helps the planet, but keeping your trees and plants healthy takes time and knowledge. Blessing Tree Service can relieve the burden of constant care. For over 20 years, their expertise has been trusted in tree care.

Happy Earth Day!


Keith Blessing has owned Blessing Tree Service for over 20 years and takes pride in offering quality service and promises the highest standards of tree care for his customers


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